#4108 Bridge loan - 6.stage (Latvia) - Fully Invested Fully invested: 28.11.2022 - Refinancing of #4108 Bridge loan - 1.stage (Latvia)

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Executive Summary

    • The loan is used to refinance an outstanding Estateguru loan with the purpose of extending the loan period.
    • The loan will be repaid by refinancing, from the sale of the collateral property, or from the incoming business revenues of the company.
    • The loan is secured with a first rank mortgage.
    • Architectural contest for the project is in process, during which the most suitable design for the building will be selected.

    • The loan is being refinanced to extend the loan period. The borrower will repay the accrued interest (including indemnity and penalty fees, if any) for the previous loan period.

Loan Terms

Loan Contract Number

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Quick Overview
242 investors, €20,391 raised
  • Status Fully Invested
  • Target €145,782
  • Collateral value €1,455,000
  • LTV 55.99%
  • Projected LTV 64.7%
  • Loan Period 12 months
  • Schedule Type Full bullet
  • Mortgage Rank First rank
  • Collateral Type Residential land (Land)
  • Loan Type Bridge loan
  • Loan Type Sub-Category Other
  • Location Latvia

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